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“Whoever Wins in IT, tends to Win” The importance of 4D learning and “Sponges and Rocks” to help business leaders...

“Whoever Wins in IT, tends to Win” The importance of 4D learning and “Sponges and Rocks” to help business leaders get the best out of their team.

In 2018 @ben Whiteley was lucky to attend a presentation on #Highperforming#Teams by @Sir Clive Woodward(#rugbyWorldCup #winningcoach) of @Hive Learning.

@Sir Clive spoke about the challenges he inherited when he became England coach and how he instilled his winning mentality and vison on the players!

One of the first things he did was take his team on a gruelling SAS boot camp to push the team to their limits both physically and mentally! The results, of the team of 20+, only 1 player wasn’t up for the challenge! They were soon phased out of the squad!

Over time, @Sir Clive split his World Cup Winning, Rugby Union England team into two categories, Sponges and Rocks and how he encourages business leaders to follow and get the best out of their teams.

Sponges are people who ask why and are teachable. They have a thirst for knowledge and understanding

Rocks are unteachable, uncoachable and less porous and open to learning and implementing improvements.

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He talked about his “4D learning” system to help business leaders get the best out of their team.

  • Discover – capture and share information and knowledge
  • Distil –disseminate all the information you have discovered and determine what the things are that you absolutely must do to succeed. What are the 3-4 “Keys Points
  • Do – Once you have identified the Key Points, how do you practice these in order to improve your performance?
  • Digital – ‘Whoever Wins in IT, tends to Win”

Sir Clive Woodward on his World Cup Winning Ruby Team of 2003:

Whoever Wins in IT, tends to Win If they didn’t have the IT skills, they didn’t stay in the team and it was all about data, data, data Great teams contain great individuals Once players analysed their performance they really started to understand the game and the team they played for and against We used software to leverage our talent I don’t care how old you are, you need to get involved The result? A new breed of forward-thinking organisations with people empowered to learn together as well as from each other.

@BPM Tech have enhanced our service offering @CORE powered by BPM to provide the data and platform for clients to answer: What excellent looks like for you when hiring? Analysing key behavioural traits of employees and new hires outlining:

  • Behavioural “Job Fit” Report
  • Attitude to work Report
  • Engagement Report
  • Rising star leadership identifier
  • Remote working report
  • Management report
  • Executive and leadership report
  • Training and development analysis

Creating a platform for #clients to build your winning team by understanding your CORE DNA, allowing you to separate the Sponges from the Rocks!