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Is there ever a win-win when it comes to gambling? You rarely see a poor bookie! Is gambling about the...

Is there ever a win-win when it comes to gambling?

You rarely see a poor bookie!

Is gambling about the short term, immediate gratification?


Is gambling a long term, sustainable solution?


Feeling lucky and the bet turns sour?


Ever hear about the bad beats, unlucky bets or big loses?


Hear about the punters (occasional) winners!

Always, every day!

Whatever your fix:

  • Staking on Red or Black, odd or even, your lucky number? Rarely works! ♠ ♣♥ ♦
  • Backing that unbeaten horse that finishes last, wasn’t the idea!Horses
  • Backing your team to win at home against bottom of the league is never a banker! Balls
  • Backing Serena Williams to surpass Margaret Court’s record of 24 grand slams is looking more and more unlikely! Trophies

I’m sure the above will resonate with some, if not most!

Can you afford to take the £132,000 gamble with your next recruit? Thought not!

Did you know @REC calculated the cost of a bad hire in the UK (mid-manager level position with a salary of £42,000) at over £132,000!

Also, 85% of decision makers admitted to making a bad hire!

@BPM Tech partner with clients to stack the odds in your favour so you don’t need to take the £132,000 punt!

Partnering with companies to attract, engage and retrain top talent and consulting on their recruitment process, mitigating risk and succession planning with staff is what @ BPM Tech do!Many clients take a calculated approach, often airing on the risk of caution! Some more laissez faire. It’s often horses for courses!

Whatever, your approach @ BPM Tech can help you with your staff attraction, engagement and retention. You can help yourself by answering the following questions below:1. Do you know what excellent looks like for you? Also, how do you convey this when hiring?Q. How do you measure and quantify excellent?Q. Are current employers hitting the mark?2. Let me take you back to that nightmare! Your last bad hire!Q. What lessons did you learn?Q. How did you change your process to mitigate the risk of this happening again?Q. Remember the disruption?Q. How moral was hit!Q. The emotion impactQ. Time and energy wasted dealing with the situation!Q. The cost of re-recruiting!3. Remember: Your next rising star who suddenly left!Q. How could this have been mitigated? Q. What has changed since?

Stack the odds in your favour:Why gamble on the future success of your business? Why take a punt with your hard-earned cash? Why take the risk of your next key hire working out? Why not increase the odds of retaining key employees?

Win-Win solution

Talk to @CORE powered by BPM to benefit from the power of CORE! A premium talent platform to hire right, every time!

Let science take control and benefit from a non-biased recruitment process, reducing the heart, head and gut feel emotional selection process and mitigate the risk of your next hire not working out!

Please don’t take the £132k gamble on your next hire! Neither party wins!

Click here to receive your free and personalised 10 point recruitment cost report and to demonstrate the value of partnering with BPM Tech.

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